Saturday, 19 February 2011

Adam Hayes

When I smile I feel better Poster

If you could do anything
 tomorrow what would it be?

Poster design for Foyles bookshops and Picador's book of the month, 'The Lazarus Project' by Aleksander Hemon

I have just recently discovered this Graphic Designer and he has fast become one of my favourite designers as he practices what I feel is becoming a less popular form producing design, Hand rendered work. I myself prefer to create my designs, at least initially using hand based skills.
Adam tends to use things like silk screen and just normal sketching occasionally adding in some photography. Its just so much more personal, and adds textures that I just don't think you can achieve on software programmes, his process seems to be fun! and that comes across and works well with the ' feel good one liners' used in his work....think I will use this to inspire myself to push my use of typography!!!! 

Friday, 4 February 2011

White Blazer inspirations

 Heres just a few ways on how to wear a white blazer,  I will be uploading some more pictures if myself wearing a white blazer very soon.
My preference is to go for the slight edgy option like ChloĆ« Sevigny. 

Gwyneth Paltrows look I feel will work well with the daytime white blazer. The light blue denim jeans add a softer look, minimal make up  makes this work...too much and it could end up looking trashy.

Whilst I already admire Whitney Ports individual style, I am so in love with this outfit, I really like the contrasting collar and the long boyfriend fit of the blazer, showing off those fantastic long legs, think its time I got a tan, this look really shows it off. The Blazer is from her own collection.

The white blazer

Carrying on with the spring theme, I saw this white blazer on the Chanel Spring/Summer catwalk, and I feel this is a great addition to the spring wardrobe...its a more fresh appeal to the typical blazer, I prefer the boyfriend fit like this blazer as its more relaxed. I will definitely be adding a white blazer to my wardrobe.

Best pick of Spring trousers

A pick of the best high street trousers, As spring is approaching I think a good pair of high waisted, light weight trousers are a must!. I love a relaxed approach to this style, teaming them with cropped trousers, baggy t-shirts and oversize shirts. Light colours look best with this and the cropped trousers add a feminine touch. My favourite colour to wear right now is a rich camel tone, I find it quite elegant, minimal make up is more fresh, add a touch of a vibrant red lipstick for a more dressed up look.

I've chose a couple of example of flat shoes that complete the look. Brogues with the long trousers and loafers with the cropped style work best. Keep to masculine shoes.
The two tone brogue shoe is quite unique which mixes up the style more, they would suit either the camel or grey harems.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fenech Soler


As this is my first post, thought i would blog something we all love, music, my blog is mainly about reflecting
clothing style and the graphic arts, but I think music has a big role in what we where too, so here's a band I discovered recently and have been listening to relentlessly!
They remind me of a mix of Innerpartysystem and Crystal Castles, sort of a electro outer-body sound.
I am going to see this band live soon,  can not wait, I have the feeling there gonna be pretty amazing live judging by artistic qualities of their video, love how dramatic all their movements are.